How To; Mix Prints Like A Pro!

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You must have noticed that changed the blog’s theme, I was having a little tech ish with the other theme that’s why. What do you think about this current theme.

I’ve had these fabrics (leopard print and stripes) for a while, I didn’t know what to use them to make but I knew I wanted to rock both prints together,I just didn’t know how yet.
After much contemplation I decided to use the leopard print fabric for a tote bag,and black&white-striped fabric for skirt.


I’m a lover of prints but mixing prints used to be one big deal for me, because I don’t like looking too busy and all.
Personally I think prints are a necessity in a woman’s wardrobe.They add life to outfits,however mixing prints is another thing. If not appropriately done, it could could take life out of that outfit and make it look trashy. I guess that’s why most people avoid mixing prints all together.
But there are actually ways you can mix prints without going overboard.

Here are some simple tips on how to mix prints effortlessly without looking trashy;

• Mix scales appropriately;
This has to do with size. It is advisable to mix big prints with smaller prints.
√ Big print – Skirt
√ Small print- Tote bag

Sorry for the low quality pictures guys,that's what you get when you don't have a camera
Outfit Ideas -Casual Chic

• Mix basic patterns like stripes,dot, plaid with elaborate designs like floral,paisley,animal print and geometric prints.
√ Basic pattern – Striped Skirt
√ Elaborate pattern –  Leopard print Tote bag.


Outfit ideas

• Break it off with a solid color.
If you feel like your pattern choices maybe a little bit too busy ground them with solids.
√ Solid color – Top.


Outfit Ideas

• You shouldn’t pair more than 2 prints,so you don’t look all busy. If you are one daring fashionista, then 3 should do,nothing more.

Outfit ideas
Outfit ideas
This practical example by @thedaileigh....👌

I would totally encourage you to try mixing prints using these tips.
I hope you’ll find them useful.
And for them guys( I know you are vexing already)😂😂 ,I’ll post on men’s section differently to avoid long posts.

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Don’t forget to tell me what you think of the new theme.
Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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