OOTD ; The Vintage Chic


Hello ,
How has the half of the year been for you?
Great I hope.


So here is another outfit post for you.
Over here is a dress I’ve always had in my wardrobe but never wore. Why? Because it was retro,not in vogue.
Back then, I never had the confidence to wear what I wanted. Self confidence is the best outfit you can ever acquire trust me.
And that’s one of the best lessons blogging has taught me so far (alongside my hangout with Ijenna), been comfortable with who I am and with my personal style.
I can’t believe I was this close to either giving out or disposing this dress, well I’m glad I didn’t.


Not only do I love the florals of this dress but also the front slit. It gives this classy feel.



Paired with a nude pair of heels and a white purse, very few accessories did justice to this vintage dress.



What is your take on vintage? Would you rather rock Vintage or Vogue?
And do you think you you have the confidence to rock your personal style (what you want to rock, how you want to rock it, when you want to rock it) ?

Your thoughts are very important….

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Yours sincerely,

16 thoughts on “OOTD ; The Vintage Chic

  1. samglints

    hello dear, am so much interested in that cloth and the footwear is just too 👏dope.
    God save u say me no be gal. trust me, it ll get missing in no time.✌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ijennamirabelosuji

    Hey hey!

    Aww you learnt something from me 🙈

    Was there ever a time this dress wasn’t in vogue? With the florals (which is a trend every year, beautiful cut and silhouette, I feel it’s a classic. I absolutely love it!

    I guess some might disagree

    Here’s to staying true to oneself


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  3. Girl I’m aghast! You wanted to dispose of the dress? Good you didn’t. The dress is what pulled me to read this first on your blog. And it’s great to read you’re now more confident in rocking your style.


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