StyledByLydia #02 : Late Summer/Pre-fall Outfit Ideas





How are you doing? Good I hope!
I have bad news and good news for you today.
Here is the bad news;
My phone is currently faulty; it fell into water and has refused to come on back.
Now the most painful part is that, they said I can’t restore any of my data; my contacts, my pictures and videos, documents and files, my notes and so much more, everything is on the phone and I can’t get them back even if I repair the phone.
All I can say right now is All Is Well, God knows the best.

The good news is;

I won’t let that set me back or break me. Yes at first I was discouraged and I wanted to take a break!
It’s still quite painful and I’ve not gotten a new phone yet but I’m beginning to see it as a way to start afresh and reinvent myself.
Now back to today’s post, I’ll be doing an episode on “#StyledByLydia”, this is a random outfit inspiration post unlike SBLWeekly series. It however entails 6 outfits.
I’ve always wanted to do a summer outfit-ideas post but for my exams, now before we get into the fall/autumn season (of which we all know the Nigerian weather doesn’t happen to fit into, nevertheless let’s do it the fashion way, shall we?) I’ve decided to take advantage of summer style pieces like rompers, floral, slides etc. in this post.
So let’s just say this episode of “#StyledByLydia” is summer inspired, and although it is late summer it’s still very much suitable (and evergreen) which is why I termed it “pre-fall”.












I hope you really enjoyed today’s “#StyledByLydia” post.
What is/are your favorite summer style piece(s) and which outfit is/are your favorite(s)? Mine are 1,2,4,and maybe 5, they are just so comfy and simple yet stylish!

Until the next post……stay stylish till then !

With love, Lydia.

14 thoughts on “StyledByLydia #02 : Late Summer/Pre-fall Outfit Ideas

  1. Damn! Sorry to hear about your phone. Your style options are great. I can see myself rocking lots of them. And can I add that I love your blog theme! It looks great on my mobile phone. All the best.


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