Comfy For My Weekend!

How is your weekend going?

Today’s post is quite late though, due to certain things but we good to go!
It’s an outfit post, and I’ve decided to go comfy today. Yup!

It’s probably my first time in baggy jean, and I can tell you it feels so good and comfortable.

My mom thrifted this mom’s jean for me at a yard sale in church (noticed the pun?). I chose it though, but she did the bargaining and all.



I actually intend to alter it around the shin/calf, because I prefer it when mom’s jean or should I say baggy jean are tapered at the shin/calf area.
But before then, I’ve decided to put up this outfit post.



I paired my baggy jean with an old shirt which I rocked as an off shoulder with extra long sleeves. By the way, extra long sleeves is a trend I might be totally loving this Fall/Harmattan.


And one of the denim chokers I made, which was inspired by and Grace of Gafashion and Ifeoma of whowhatfab. I made two, you can check the other on my Instagram.


And I’ve been obsessing on chokers lately, I have about 15 pieces currently (don’t judge me).

So what do you think about this outfit? What you ever rock baggy jeans? And how would you style yours?

PS: Pictures were taken with my phone, so that explains the quality.

Yours sincerely,

19 thoughts on “Comfy For My Weekend!

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