StyledByLydia #03 – Style Icons

Hi everyone,

Happy new week!

What names pops up on your mind when you hear the word Style Icons…

The most important thing ever in fashion is discovering your personal style, that is the only way you can truly express yourself and feel fulfilled and that is also what makes you distinct.

Style Icons give us inspiration for our personal style, but who we consider as Style Icons also depends on our personal style…..

I probably have a long list of Style Icons but today I’ll be  with just three.
Before I get on with that, just in case you don’t know; SBLWeekly simply implies to StyledByLydia Weekly .
Check out my first episode of the weekly version here as well as the second here.
I’ve decided to make it 3-5 outfits weekly for now, so I can keep up and be consistent. Also, so I can give details without making the post too long.

For this week’s outfit ideas, I pulled together 3 outfits, inspired by 3 style icons I totally admire like said before- Solange, Ashleigh and Ada.

Solange – @saintrecords


Solange is such an original and expressive style icon. I can pretty much see Solange in this dress and arm cuff. Although I think she prefers mules, this outfit in one is just the Solange way!

Ashleigh – @thedaileigh


Ashleigh just knows how to stylishly pull off outfits, and the way she styles her sweaters/cardigans is very chic!
I can totally see her in this outfit.

Ada – @stylebyada


I love the way ADA styles mom’s jean/boyfriend jean with

her coats! So comfortable yet chic!

What do you think about my Style Icons? Do we share similar Icons?
What do you think of those outfits?

Kindly drop a comment, I’ll appreciate it.

PS: You can check them on Instagram and compare with these. Do tell me what you think, it would mean a lot to me.

You can also follow me on Instagram – @thelydiamark .
Follow @lydiaschronicle for more style inspiration and updates.
It would be worth your time I promise.

Later guys, have a lovely week!

With love, Lydia.

With Love, Lydia.

9 thoughts on “StyledByLydia #03 – Style Icons

  1. love dis post nd would love to see more of it, thank God it’s weekly 😀 do i really v style icons? i haven’t tot about it, i admire kim kardashian’s style a lot, she’s daring, really like dat, rihanna too, love dat anything looks gud on her nd den Nigerian style bloggers are really doin a great job, u inclusive, I’m usually inspired one way or d oda when I read ur style posts.


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