Vintage Vibe | A Rush Of Positive Energy!

Hey dear, how are you doing?

I’m dropping two posts today, this is the second see the first one here.

So in my recent post here, I talked about how much I wanted a camera and how my current location is not cutting out for me at all.

Well now, my new motto is “If You Don’t Have It; Create It or Find It! “.

I’ve decided to make the best of every and any situation I find myself by finding or creating opportunities I don’t have access to, this is just a step.


In that bit, these pictures were taken by my little sister with my phone, and I did some editing. I’m learning some phone photography skills and Mirabel is a good referee when it comes to that.
(What do you guys think about the edits,please tell me how I did, I’m counting on it.)


Also, I never thought I’d find a good location or a plain coloured wall like this around Ikorodu.

But then I saw this really beautiful restaurant called “Emperor’s Place” that let me use their space on a very short notice.


I’m leaving my comfort zone, yay!
Still scouting for beautiful locations like this in Ikorodu. In case you know any, I wouldn’t mind please tell me.



By the way this vintage bag is fast becoming my favourite at the moment.
It’s been in my closet for a very long time, I can’t even remember how I got it. I think it was a gift though.




Kudos to my photographer, she’s the best!

What I Wore ;
Vintage shirt: Gift
Cami: Old
Jean: Pieces
Bag : Vintage Gift
Shoe : Thrift +DIY lacing

Hope you enjoyed today’s post? What do you think of my outfit? And my take on finding and creating opportunities I don’t have access to?
Please share your thoughts, I’d really love to hear from you.

With Love, Lydia.

33 thoughts on “Vintage Vibe | A Rush Of Positive Energy!

  1. I love your new motto and attitude to it. I remember I actually took pictures for my blog with my phone till I saved up for a camera. The pictures look great but in the meantime too try and save for a camera lol. And vintage shirts is Bae but it’s weird I don’t even have one. Nice post dear


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