Back To Blogging ! 

Happy New Month!

Welcome to the February, and welcome back to Lydia’s Chronicle. It’s been such a long time, 3 months actually, since I last posted. Wow! Time flies you know!



Did you miss me? Well, I missed you too

I’ve been Missing In Action on the blog and on my social media (until recently)….

I’d tell you why but before that,


Shout out to those who noticed and took their time to check on me and sent me messages. It shows that you care not just about the blog but also about the person behind the blog and I sincerely appreciate it.

Now back to why  I’ve been MIA, it’s no long story, except for the fact that both my phone and laptop went bad at same time. Yeah, too bad! I’m not even going to bother ranting about the loosing data because I don’t want to be bothered by anything. Plus that’s all past now, since my Beau took it upon himself to check off the first item on my 2017 wishlist by surprising me with a new phone.(Thanks hun!)



Although I’ve been blogging for less than a year, this unintended break made me realise how much blogging had/has become a lifestyle for me; part of my life, as most of my thoughts and day-to-day activities were channeled to my blog and social media. I felt bad and incomplete without my blog, I guess this is normal to all bloggers or is it just me? (If you’ve had a blogging break like this, please share your experience with me in the comment section).



Yes, it does feel good to be back on track, I hope to blog better and more often in this new year.

Thelydiamark lydiaschronicle


Top –  Thrift

Pants – Random store

Shoes – Preowned, with a lil bit of DIY.

By the way, I’m thinking of doing another series of ‘Lydia At The Moment’ to keep you up to date with me, let me know if you would like that in the comment section.


8 thoughts on “Back To Blogging ! 

  1. Yaaaaay boo z baq, i super super missed u 😘 awwwwnawwwwn mr B z such a nice man I’m thanking him from here too, love d top nd it was thrifted? Wow, y’all need to show me d way o. Yes pls I’d love a “lydia at the moment” post so i can pokenose into ur lyf small 😂

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