Busy vs Productive (2) | 10 Simple Steps To Becoming More Productive.


I hope you are having a great day like I am?

So in my previous post here, I talked about being so busy but not getting to achieve anything and why sometimes we seem to be so engaged in so many activities but in the real sense there’s no sign of productivity. So today,
I’ll  be dropping a few tips on how to curb that ‘busy’ tag and focus on being more productive.

Here we go….


1 – Find your purpose, and create a vision; Discover your potential and determine how you want to use it (to create value), it will help you focus. In order words, when you know what you are all about you won’t get easily distracted.

2 – Upgrade your key skills; Once you define your purpose, it is important you identify the key skills that will help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently, then work improving those skills.


3 – Distinguish between vital and trivial tasks or issues; Vital tasks are those that have long term effects, Or tasks that may have negative consequences if not done as soon as possible e.g finishing up assignment or reports for your boss. Trivial tasks have little to no consequences if left undone e.g watching a tv programme.


4 – Plan ahead;
You can either plan your month, week and even your day. Most tines to set monthly or weekly goals in correlation to my bigger goals.  And then I create a daily to do list;  every night before going to bed, I write down everything I want to accomplish the next day. It works for me, and you can try this too.
Some people might feel they can do this without having to pen it down, but trust me writing it down would serve as a source of motivation the next morning.
5 – De clutter and organise your work environment; Clean up your work space and keep it organised, an organised workspace is more easier and faster to work with.


6 – Do the vital and hardest tasks first; It is better to achieve a few vital tasks than several trival tasks, so start with the most important things first. And deal with which ever of the tasks that seems like the toughest first. Aside from leaving you with the easier things,  it will stimulate you to do other things on your list.

7 – Don’t multitask, take it one step at a time. Multi-tasking is not an effective way of doing things. If you can focus on one thing at a time,  you  will not only end up doing it well but also doing it fast.

8 – Be diligent; Ensure to get things right the first time, so you don’t have to waste time doing them all over again.

9 – Get lost in Focus; Take yourself to somewhere serene, turn off your phone(s) (if at all you can’t put it off, put it on silent and keep it away from sight). By doing this way you can focus, think, create ideas and even strategize with little to no distractions and produce very good results.

images (8)

10 – Learn how to say NO; It is not possible to for you to please everyone or attend to everyone’s needs, you need choose the ones worth your while and politely decline the ones you can’t attend to.

Plus- Stay happy; By all means stay happy,  avoid negative energy, and people who don’t understand your vision; This kind of people will constantly distract and discourage you, you should avoid such people. Happiness inspires productivity.

Have you ever used any of this tips?  And did it work for you?

Please do leave a comment a comment if you enjoyed this post. And I would recommend you share with your friends,  you can never tell, they are probably in need of it.

With Love, Lydia.


14 thoughts on “Busy vs Productive (2) | 10 Simple Steps To Becoming More Productive.

  1. Priscilia Ogwu

    That thing about multitasking is very true.
    I remember some time ago when I used to try multitasking, it only gave me low quality results. The tips are very helpful, thanks for the sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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