Product Review | Bio Balance Sun Protection Cream

  • ” Because sunburns aren’t cute”.

Hi everyone !

I’m so excited right now,  because I have just two papers left. That implies I’ll be going home soon (Lagos, here I come) to give myself some good rest and give my skin some good loving. After all the stress I’ve been through in the last few weeks,  I deserve it.

Talking about the skin, in the last few months, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on what I use for my skin.

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One mistake most people make is that, they ask what cream you’re using and not the skincare routine. So they just want to get straight to the cream and neglect other important process that should be included in a skincare routine like exfoliation and sun protection.

Exfoliation is a very important process in skincare, without it, all of the body moisturizer, creams or body oils you apply on your skin is a waste. Little wonder why a product seems to work on other people’s skin and not work on yours. skins differ though but dead skin cells can be a contributing factor to that.  Read more about exfoliation and the product I use for exfoliation here

And about SUN PROTECTION,  you know the sun can do dangerous things to your skin right? Yes it can, and even to your h get health in general. Which is why you need to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible in whatever way you can.

Now I’m not a skincare expert but to share the little I know, and what works for me too. About my skin, the truth is, as for this period, I don’t really use any cream or lotion for my skin. And that’s because;

  1. Most of my skincare products are finished and I don’t really want to buy any here cause I’m scared of fakes, most of the markets and stores here in Ado are flooded with fake or expired products.
  2. I’ve started my exams, so there is not much time to go to markets or stores searching for original products, so I’d just wait till I get home.

Anyways I currently use a bar of African black soap with no cream or lotion whatsoever, only the DIY body oil I make for myself when necessary (like during those abnormal Harmattan period).

But one thing I try to do is never step out without a sunscreen.
So I’ll do a review of this sunscreen I’ve been using for while now.

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Product : 

Bio Balance Sun Protection Cream

Product Claim/Description :

Water resistant sun protection cream 50+ SPF. UVA & UVB Very high protection.

First Impression :


It has a very nice packaging, too bad I already threw the pack away before this review. The content is whitish and a lil bit thick. It comes in a 75ml tube.

Here’s my observations; pros(what I like) and cons (what I don’t like).

1 – It does its major job which is to protect the skin from sun.
I saw the difference in my skin when I started using it and also got some sunburns when I stopped using it for a while.

2 – It can act as a moisturizer, like I said before, I don’t really use creams and all for now. Since some of the ingredients are moisturising agents, I barely feel the need to use an added moisturiser, in order to avoid sweating in the hot sun.

3 – It has both UVA and UVB sun protection factor.


1 – If not properly applied, it has the tendency of leaving a white cast on your skin especially during Harmattan(but you need not worry if you apply it well).

2 – It’s pricey for the average Nigerian girl, as it’s just 2,500 naira for a 75ml tube (and that was even before the dollar ish, so I guess it would be more expensive). For someone like me who goes to school 5days in a week and spends most of her days in the sun, if I’m to use the contents all over, I’m pretty sure the tube will not last me 3weeks.

Tip – What I do is, I apply to only the parts of body that would be exposed to sun that day.  For instance, if I’m putting on pants, I’ll apply to only the exposed part of my feet.
You can do the same if you intend to buy it.

3 – It is not available in most physical stores. I got this from a store in Ikorodu, Lagos store but I’ve not spotted it in any other physical store, though it’s available in some online stores. If you’re interested just google search it.

Anyways I’d advise you to get a sunscreen if you can afford it, in my opinon its better to spend this protecting your skin from the sun, than to spend more money looking for a solution to sunburns.

And even after applying sunscreen,  I’d advise that you avoid mid-day sun especially between 11:00am-04:00pm when the sun is at its hottest.

Ps: I recommended this product to a friend,  it’s working for her too.
Is sunscreen a part of your current routine? If yes, what product do you use? If no, why?
And If you’ve ever used this product bedo share your experience with me in the comment section.

With Love, Lydia



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15 thoughts on “Product Review | Bio Balance Sun Protection Cream

  1. Priscilia

    I agree with you on sunscreen being a very important part of one’s skincare routine.
    But I currently don’t have one and I’ve never really used a sunscreen before, but I intend getting so I’ll surely look out for this product. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Negresse

    She introduced me to the product back in Lagos and have been using it for more than two weeks…i used to have lot of spots and sunburn so am always on make up but all that has changed and I go out with no make and with high self esteem…yippie.You should try it.. you would totally love it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Themmie

    Really find it hard to blieve that you are an eksuite thou. Neva knew we had a life nd style blogger here.
    I’m really proud of you, and I love your blog too.

    As per the sunscreen, I’ll check if I can get around cuz this ado sun ehn.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Olivia

    thanks dear, I just got the product but yet to start using it, my question is can I use this product at night before going to bed or just in the morning… thanks


  7. Abisola

    Hi..very nice detailed post,just a quick question pls,abt the white cast u mentioned,is it always very visible?and how can it be applie to avoid d white cast..cos I tried a sunscreen ,just threw it away after d first day of use cos it left very obvious white cast on my skin after applying it

    Liked by 1 person

  8. peris

    i bought Bio balance back to nature cream was advised by a friend. am on the second day and my face is full of small rush like a heat rush and its itchy. am confused right now… should i discontinue?


  9. I discoveree this sunscreen cream early last year, and boy is it gold dust! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get sunscreen for themselves. It’s true, it was hard to find my second tube. I searched everywhere. I resorted ti getting on Jumia, and it was quite pricey for a small tube. Close to ~N~4000. But, IT IS WORTH EVERY KOBO.


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