Styling | How To Safely And Stylishly Rock Your Lingerie Outside The Bedroom.

Hello, I hope you are having a beautiful week going for you.
Lingeries, and by that I mean underwears and sleepwears are no longer confined to only the bedroom, you can now rock them outdoors, and it’s fast becoming a trend. Hello spring!




And while I’m still in the process of stepping out of my comfort zone, it took me some guts to actually rock my lingerie outside my bedroom. Initially I got this lovely piece as a sleepwear, but you know, some fashion pieces are just too cute to be left indoors like this one..IMG_20170322_054656_451

What I’m Wearing

Slip Top         – Jane Norman (Thrifted)
Mom’s Jean –  Thrifted
Kimono         –  Random buy
Shoes            – You already know…

Just in case you are wondering what kind of  situations is appropriate for you to wear lingerie out, here are some practical situations where you can actually rock your lingerie outside.
– Hot sunny days; For instance on the day I did this outfit shoot, the sun was so hot and overbearing but the moment I changed into this outfit I felt like I could finally breathe.

IMG_20170322_044236_907– For Night Outs; Either with the girls or with your mister. Lingeries are always a good way to go, they are often a combination of comfort and sexy.


IMG_20170322_063112_945– Fashionable Chic Look; Yes, if well styled you can achieve a very fashionable and chic look with your lingerie.

  • Laidback/Casual; Either you want to quickly get something at the mall,  check up on a friend or run errands, lingeries are always choice for the not too serious look.

  • And other situations I forgot to mention.

Here are things to consider before wearing your lingerie outside the bedroom.

1 – Details

If you are considering rocking your lingerie outside, then you definitely don’t want it to boring and that’s where the details come in. The details could be stones like mine, or lace, embroidery or even something totally different lot more.

2 – Do Some Layering.


Layering is very important, especially if you are not too comfortable wearing your lingerie alone. You can decide to layer a jacket or a kimono on your lingerie like I did or layer your lingerie like on a shirt or t-shirt.

3 – Keep It Simple.


Girl, you really don’t want to go overboard with this trend, just keep it simple and you’ll be fine. You might need some good courage to rock this trend, so put on your confidence and make the world your runway!


Ps: It was one hell of a hot sunny day,  you can peep me holding my handkerchief.

So after all read and seen, what do you think about wearing your lingerie outside your bedroom?  And is it a trend you would rock?

As for me it is, but I’d love to hear what you think. Please don’t scroll off without leaving a comment.

With love, Lydia.


37 thoughts on “Styling | How To Safely And Stylishly Rock Your Lingerie Outside The Bedroom.

  1. Hawt sturv 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯 i see bootay 😉 sumone has bin doin her squats lol. I love d look, it’s really stylish. A nyt out most def, casual outings too, would i be trying dis look? Hopefully when i own a nice lingerie nd get to wear it out

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    1. If you come up with something, we guys will try it. More ladies should totally try this lingerie thing… If the lady in my office wears this daily I believe I will be totally motivated to go to work everyday, I’ll even consider going on Sunday. LMAO… Lydia, hope u know I like girls sha!

      Lilly, how about a collaboration with my online TV and blog,…?

      Check out our android app on Google play store, just search for CETVNG and download…

      You have my whatsapp number.


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