How To Style Prints, And Avoid Looking Clumsy or Tacky.

Hey guys, how is your weekend going?

Mine is not going as planned, but it is nothing short of awesomeness.

Today I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to style and mix prints without looking clumsy or tacky.

PG314237-D4C1EC6D-58DE-4247-8501-6B53108FC486Playing with prints can be very fun you know,  but that’s if the prints/pattern are properly combined and styled without looking tacky.

Although I have talked about mixing prints in an old post here, but I felt the need to put it up due to some discussions I had with some of my friends and potential clients. Yes I’ve finally decided to take a plunge into being a stylist, and I’m not talking digital.

Some of the things to consider when mixing prints or patterns together in one outfit includes:



1 – Balance the size-scale up.
The best thing is to always mix large sized prints with small sized prints in order to bring out a balanced look.
Here I paired small floral prints, which is the top with big stripes, which is the skirt.


2 – Neutral colours will tone down colourful prints.
You can always pair neutral colours with colorful prints for an amazing look, that would end up looking to busy.


3 – Different prints, Same colour.
You can try pairing different patterns with the same colour(s), just like I did here.

4 – Same prints, Different colours.

You can pair the exact type of prints in different colours. E.g You can pair stripes in two different colours that match.

IMG_20170422_135157_8515 – Find a common point.
Another tip is to ensure that there is a common colour between the different prints you mixing.

I’ve have mentioned some of these tips and even more detailed tips in my previous post here.

Just in case you thinking of what to wear to work(or school) this week, this outfit can serve as an inspiration for that.


Talk about wearing your lingerie outside, this is another example, i wore my cami out and although I was holding a jacket, I didn’t wear put it on for a minute because the sun was too much (spot my sweaty face) .


By the way I’ve doing a lot of digital styling because I’ve been unsure about the real styling, so if you haven’t seen any of post from my digital styling series (StyledByLydia), you can check some of them here, here and here, and please tell me what your take is on the idea of officially becoming a fashion stylist and a wardrobe consultant. 

With Love, Lydia.

20 thoughts on “How To Style Prints, And Avoid Looking Clumsy or Tacky.

  1. I love mixing prints, it’s so fun nd daring nd when u achieve a perfect ensemble u feel lyk u’ve conquered d world lol dats how i feel. I was still thinking about dis mixed prints today too cos i came about a post i wrote about it nd d one datt really stuck was including neutrals so it can tone down d whole ensemble. U did great with d styling nd u shud totally consider styling as a career, Good luck with dat dear


  2. Queen

    I love this look. I’m a lover of prints but i really get irritated when i see people do it wrong. Your tips are just on point. And i think you have great styling skills, yov take the plunge.


  3. Negresse

    And the tips were helpful…..And you are good to go as a fashion consultant,lot of ladies are waiting for your ideas dear.


  4. Mac-Stylz

    am cool but a make up artist and into hair making also gele but nt perfect thou,better than some. its a nycz blog Lydia nd hope to meeting with you


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