12 Random Things About Me!


How are you doing?


First, I’d like to use this opportunity to appreciate you for the likes, comments, supports on the blog so far, thank you so much for riding with me through this journey!

Lydia’s Chronicle is exactly 6 months today, yay! Enough breast milk and time to start feeding it (my blog) real food, lol. You can as well check out my first post here

So today I’m putting up 12 random things about me, but before we head there, I recently put up a post on how to stay stylish on a very tight budget; you might find it very useful especially if you are interested updating or maintaining your wardrobe/fashion-style game “in this current economy”, check here.

Talking about the economy, (*sighs) I’m really hoping it’s all going to be fine soon.

Back to today’s post, here are the 10 random things about me;


–  1. I’m a student of Ekiti state university, and I figured out quite a large number of people do not know this.

–  2. I’m quiet but don’t take that for shyness or stupidity, I’d rather just not sweat the small stuff! (I can actually be a talkative; those who know me well will tell you. It all depends on what we talking about).



–  3. I’m a low-key foodie. I’m all in for fruits and healthy delicacies (the low key is gradually becoming ‘high’ key though,lol). . . I also love chocolates, ice cream, cookies, crackers……the list goes on.

–  4. I don’t like noise and drama. This one of the reasons I don’t go to parties, and when I do I don’t stay long. I also dislike baseless arguments, I would rather listen to intellectual debates.

–   5. I’m a very fast learner! Once I’m willing and determined, the rate at which I learn is quite fast. I also tend to learn from the smallest day-to-day activities and day-to-day conversations I have with people.



–  6. I embrace creativity and I’m very open to innovative ideas. I’m quite experimental and I like to try things out as long as it’s not permanent and doesn’t hurt, I’m good to go!

–  7. If you are going to offer me anything, not CATFISH please! I love food, and I like trying things out but I have this thing with catfish. I hate it!

–  8. I sew and I love doing it. Yeah! I learnt it before I started school.



–  9. I love promoting entrepreneurs, especially Nigerian brands. I believe this is my own little way of helping the economy (if you’d like to promote your brand or products, I’d be delighted to help, send me an email – ‘thelydia360@gmail.com’).

–  10. I’m the first born. One of the reasons I can’t just relent . My little sis is watching me, so I can’t settle for less. By the way, she recently volunteered to be my P.A (as per my blog and stuffs) and apprentice (as per tailoring/designing), I was surprised but somewhat happy!



–  11.  I’m an internet addict, adios to all the money spent data. Right now, I’m working on how to effectively manage my data and at the same time achieve all I want to (if you have any tips on this, I don’t mind please).

–  12.  I’m a natural hair enthusiast! But I as well regard those who are not.


What I Wore;

TOP – Thrifted

JEAN – Next


( This pair of sneakers is just too tight for me, I’ve barely worn them except for photo-shoots so I’m thinking of selling it for a giveaway price. I wear size 39, so it should comfortably fit a size 38. If you are interested just send me a message.)

If you noticed the hair is similar to that of my first post, that’s because I took these pictures same day.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post? Can you relate to any of these random things?
Don’t forget to let me know if we share anything in common, or if we tend to be different in certain things.

PS; Sorry about the confusing numbers, I’m trying to fix it.

PS; I lost my previous Facebook password, so I’m starting all over with my Facebook page, please go and hit the like buttons on ‘Lydia’s Chronicle’ . Also got active on twitter, let’s interact! (@lydiaschronicle, same as my Instagram).

With love, Lydia

StyledByLydia #02 : Late Summer/Pre-fall Outfit Ideas





How are you doing? Good I hope!
I have bad news and good news for you today.
Here is the bad news;
My phone is currently faulty; it fell into water and has refused to come on back.
Now the most painful part is that, they said I can’t restore any of my data; my contacts, my pictures and videos, documents and files, my notes and so much more, everything is on the phone and I can’t get them back even if I repair the phone.
All I can say right now is All Is Well, God knows the best.

The good news is;
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Back With My Backpack!!

How are you doing?
It’s barely 3 weeks since I took a break from blogging due to my exams and yet, it feels like such a long time.
I’ve missed blogging and more importantly I’ve missed you.
Missed me?

So finally I’m done with my papers, and your girl is now a final year student. Yes! I’m so excited!



So I decided to pair this baseball shirt with an acid wash denim I would not wear on normal day (I never really liked acid wash, until I found out there ways I can style without look too busy).
The white knitted tank was however not my initial pick but turned out handy.


By the way, the Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week 2016 is less than two days away. It’s scheduled to hold at Unilag, check here and here for more details.

Got plans for this summer vacation?

Making new friends as well blog collaborations are definitely on my summer checklist. However, one of my goals this summer is also to spend quality time with my family, old friends and new friends. I rarely spend time with people but this is part of me “stepping out of my comfort zone” and “maximizing my social potentials”. (Yeah yeah!)

What do you think about “stepping out of your comfort zone”?
Would you rather be alone or spend time with your loved ones?

Just wondering, I think it’s best to make our moments memorable ones….


Hat – Street Retail.
Baseball Shirt -Gifted
Knitted Tank – Random store.
Jean – Random store.
Bag – Thrift.
Shoes – Thrift.

With love,

Living the Life; 8 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt Lately

I started today’s post with a recap with my blogger hangout with Ijenna and what I learnt from, you can check here.

So I’d like to continue by sharing crucial life lessons I’ve learnt lately.

Life Lessons Lately

I’ve been really on to a series of podcasts by Joel Osteen (a motivational preacher) I’m literally hooked to it. It lifts my spirit when I’m down and it has helped me see life and things from a different perspective. 
So I thought to share some of the lessons I’ve learnt ;

1. Accept the fact that not everybody is going to like you or accept you. Its good to be nice but some people are just impossible to please, your time and purpose is too valuable to try pleasing someone, so the best thing is to love them from a distance.

2. When someone talks badly about you it says more about them than you. So keep your head up! It’s no big deal!


3. Not everyone is going to understand your dreams and or your purpose so don’t waste your time trying to explain or convince them. Stay focused and run your race !


4. Your inner circle matters a lot.
When it comes to friends, it is quality over quantity. Surround yourself with people who understand your purpose and dreams. People who celebrate your gifts rather than try to manipulate you into what they want you to be.


5. Don’t allow anybody or anything steal your joy. Don’t let their venom get into your bloodstream! Cut off every form of negativity and stay cool, calm and steady!


6. You are allowed to be both a master piece and a work in progress simultaneously. You are not perfect, neither is anyone.


7. Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary life. Life is too short! Don’t spend 50 years doing the same thing and call it a life!



8. Be ready to pay the price of greatness. If you want to be great you must be willing to pay the price.


Finally, guys I’ll be taking a break from blogging due to the commencement of my exam but prior to that, last week started a series on “LCStyleLookBook” and I got pretty good feedback from my readers you (thanks for the love guys!). So I’ll post on “LCStyleLookBook” series for the next week, if you liked last week’s outfit ideas you would love this week’s set.
I should be back by August or before then, so guys until then… choawsss!!

Which of these life lessons can you relate with? Or what life lessons have you learnt lately, do share your thoughts and experiences I’d love to learn from you too.

Anticipate this week’s post on LCSTYLELOOKBOOK !!

Yours sincerely,

Men’s Fashion ; 9 Basic Style Tips For Men

Happy new month!
Hope you are doing great?

My schedule has been hectic but I’m doing well!

So lately I received complains from the guys that I’ve been focusing too much on the feminine section and leaving them out (can’t blame me though, its feminine power lol).

Since Lydia’s Chronicle aims at reaching out to both the females and males, I decided to do a post for the guys today,yay!
There’s a common conception that men’s fashion is quite less complex than the women’s fashion.
This may be true to an extent, however it can be disastrous if done the wrong way.
So here are some basic tips to help you stay stylish:

1. Buy the best quality you can afford;
Go for the best that you can afford. You don’t have to unnecessarily lavish money on items but just make sure you get best quality your pocket can afford.


2. Never buy on impulse;
You should buy fashion items because you need them, not just because a friend has something similar or because it’s trendy. When you buy an item on impulse, after a while it becomes useless to you because in the first instance you never really needed it.
So always give it a second thought before buying anything.

3. Disregard trends, invest in classy timeless pieces
Trends come and go, and as a man you should invest in the classy pieces that won’t fade, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop certain trends if you love them, just make sure you invest in your wardrobe staples first!
By the way we have very interesting style trends coming up in 2016 check here and here.


4. Invest in your shoes;
A man’s shoes or footwear is the one of the first things that is noticed in his outfit. So you should invest in your shoes, buy the best you can afford nothing less.

5. Wear clothes that fit;
Your outfit should fit your body just well, not too big, not too small.


6. Pay attention to accessories and details;
Accessories can either make or mar your outfit. This includes belts, wristwatches, etc. Ensure your accessories are good enough and compliment your outfit, because little details matter.

7. Keep it simple;
Whatever you want to wear,however you want to style it, always remember less is more.


8. Express yourself through style;
Style is a deep expression of who you are without having to speak. Your personality should be reflected in your personal style, and yes let your outfit do most of the talking.


9.Try out new things ;
Be courageous enough to experiment with your personal style. Just like in life, you have to take risks, you either get to win or learn. From there you get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. You can’t sit around and follow norms, life is too short for that, get out of your comfort zone and be creative!


One last thing before I round up guys, if you noticed I said the best you can afford, that is because our fingers aren’t equal and we all have different pockets/budgets, so don’t go overboard with expenses trying to impress. Rather, just get the best you can lay your hands on without having to obstruct your budget for very important things.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and  your thoughts about these tips.
I hope you find them quite helpful.

Yours sincerely,