First Post; Meet Me

Hello everyone,this is going to be the first post on my blog(after years of preparing and procrastinating). I’m new to blogging,therefore I’m very open to suggestions.

So where do I start…My name is Lydia Mark,a 300 level student of political science .
I’m a Style Analyst ( a name I molded myself) and a Style Enthusiast.

When I was way younger always loved writing ; documenting my thoughts on fashion,beauty,health e.t.c on journals and sheets of paper(some of which I still have though). My writings cover several topics like wardrobe essentials, classy outfits,versatility e.t.c. I drew fashion sketches ,also got myself engaged in DIYs and recycling. My mum used to complain a lot about these, perhaps she thought it was affecting my concentration in school.
I’ve got this great passion for fashion ever since I’ve known me.
Personally I think there is lot more to style than fashion.

Fashion ; is more of a trend ,what goes and comes.
Style; is your personal ability to rock fashion pieces in such a way that it expresses your personality.
Your personal style should come from within and should not be dictated by trends.


I am also an aspiring designer.
I’m great lover of arts,crafts,DIYs,HANDMADE items and everything creative.


I also have this interest in traveling and exploring , though I rarely get to travel in the real world *sad.
Lastly (or maybe not), I’m a proud naturalista, I just love and  embrace nature.


Jumpsuit ; Thrift
Cross bag; Atmosphere
Sneakers ; Adidas


I’d to like know you so please introduce yourself in the comment section.
Your name, Institution (if you are s student), Interests/Passion and perhaps a link to your blog (if you own one) I’d love to check out your blog.
I’ll try my possible best to be consistent on the blog . So keep your fingers crossed as we ride as we (You &I) create.
Till then…

Yours sincerely,