What I Wore ; Fringed Topping

How are you doing?
I hope your week as been as great so far.
Worry not, the weekend is close by.
So here is an outfit post,my first outfit post actually. These pictures were taken even before I started the blog officially, speaking of which, was a month old yesterday. Yay!



You might be wondering what brought the title fringed topping… Quite funny right?
I’m so loving fringes/tassels lately,which was what prompted me to get this top.
The top is quite simple yet it gives it this chic effect. So it’s the topping on the outfit, imagine a chocolate topping on a vanilla ice cream😂😂.
I paired it with a pre-owned jean and bag, then a thrifted pair of shoe.
Quite simple but chic!

Let's go farming....😂😂


Below, is a perfect-pose picture which was taken with a friend’s phone. The quality is does not justify it but I absolutely love the picture…😩 (to delete or nah).

Stepping into greatness like....💁


What I wore:
Fringe-sleeved top
Light blue skinny jean
Black heeled sandal
Red Bag
And a spray of confidence.

What is your thought the outfit? And oh do you think I should delete that picture?
Your comments would be highly appreciated.

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