Men’s Fashion ; 9 Basic Style Tips For Men

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So lately I received complains from the guys that I’ve been focusing too much on the feminine section and leaving them out (can’t blame me though, its feminine power lol).

Since Lydia’s Chronicle aims at reaching out to both the females and males, I decided to do a post for the guys today,yay!
There’s a common conception that men’s fashion is quite less complex than the women’s fashion.
This may be true to an extent, however it can be disastrous if done the wrong way.
So here are some basic tips to help you stay stylish:

1. Buy the best quality you can afford;
Go for the best that you can afford. You don’t have to unnecessarily lavish money on items but just make sure you get best quality your pocket can afford.


2. Never buy on impulse;
You should buy fashion items because you need them, not just because a friend has something similar or because it’s trendy. When you buy an item on impulse, after a while it becomes useless to you because in the first instance you never really needed it.
So always give it a second thought before buying anything.

3. Disregard trends, invest in classy timeless pieces
Trends come and go, and as a man you should invest in the classy pieces that won’t fade, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop certain trends if you love them, just make sure you invest in your wardrobe staples first!
By the way we have very interesting style trends coming up in 2016 check here and here.


4. Invest in your shoes;
A man’s shoes or footwear is the one of the first things that is noticed in his outfit. So you should invest in your shoes, buy the best you can afford nothing less.

5. Wear clothes that fit;
Your outfit should fit your body just well, not too big, not too small.


6. Pay attention to accessories and details;
Accessories can either make or mar your outfit. This includes belts, wristwatches, etc. Ensure your accessories are good enough and compliment your outfit, because little details matter.

7. Keep it simple;
Whatever you want to wear,however you want to style it, always remember less is more.


8. Express yourself through style;
Style is a deep expression of who you are without having to speak. Your personality should be reflected in your personal style, and yes let your outfit do most of the talking.


9.Try out new things ;
Be courageous enough to experiment with your personal style. Just like in life, you have to take risks, you either get to win or learn. From there you get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. You can’t sit around and follow norms, life is too short for that, get out of your comfort zone and be creative!


One last thing before I round up guys, if you noticed I said the best you can afford, that is because our fingers aren’t equal and we all have different pockets/budgets, so don’t go overboard with expenses trying to impress. Rather, just get the best you can lay your hands on without having to obstruct your budget for very important things.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and  your thoughts about these tips.
I hope you find them quite helpful.

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Style trends to look out for in 2016(2)

Hi everyone, I hope your weekend was great?

Last week I started a 2-post series on ‘Style trends to look out for in 2016’
This post is a bit longer than the first (If you haven’t seen the first post you should check it out). This is because of the men’s section I incorporated. So please bear with me as you read,I’ll make it as brief as possible.

So continuing from where we stopped on the trends;

• Metallic game;
Metallics, Oh metallics,they strongly having their way into the game,especially those silver shoes. It’s a good way to stand out of the crowd. I soo love metallics,they are quite chic and most times versatile.

IG: @abi_kd, @simplypalesa, @the_cocopolitan, @desireeiyama, @touchbymaya

• Ghillies (Lace ups);
This is a statement foot wear trend. To me,this trend connotes the saying “let your feet do the talking “. Ghillies come in form of flats, pumps,block heels,stilettos and maybe more.

IG: @simplypalesa, @infashionitrust, @harperandharley, @skinnyhipster

• Plaid|Gingham;
Plaids and ginghams are used interchangeably. I think they have a little difference but are extremely similar. Have been seeing a lot of these prints/pattern ms in the fashion industry and I personally love them,there’s this combination of classy and sassy that comes with them.

IG: Victoria Beckham, @theadenike, @nadiafairfax,@mae_otti, @tangerine_label, @eveandtribe, @stylealertsa, via @desireeiyama, @blakevond
IG: @fisayalonge, @skinnyhipster, @peakmill, @thedaileigh,@lydiaschronicle @blakevond

• Sling-it-back;
We are seeing lots of slingbacks in footwears lately, be it mules,stiletto heels, block heels, clogs,flats. Slingbacks are quite stylish,I think I would love them.

IG: @simplycyn, @the_cocopolitan, @harperandharley, @deanswolves,@dee_mako, @simplypalesa

• Spicy Co-ords;
Co-ords have been in the game  since last year, and they seem to be staying this year ,as designers are adding some spice to them. Co-ords are a win for me anytime,anyday.

@lolaoj, via @trevor_stuurman, @mae_otti, @stephaniecoker, @lulamawolf, @mruduku, @skinnyhipster


IG: @swaggaismything, @titispassion, @nikkiandtees, @stylealertsa, @mocheddah, @ironyofashi


• Print Block;

There was this craze about colour block in the past year(s). Now we have print blocking. However one must be very careful with this trend. If not appropriately styled,you might go wrong with it.


• Mules;

‘Oldie but goodie’.

Mules could be in flats,stiletto heels or block heels. Some with slingbacks,some without. Some are opened toe,and others closed.
There’s this deep brown flat mule in the ‘Suede’ section (below) that I really love.

IG: @unservile_fashionista, @stylebyada, @tounaj,@lisafolawiyo, @dee_mako

• Suede pieces;
I observed suede pieces in several SS(Summer/Spring) looks.
I have a feeling it is going to trend as fashion bloggers have started finding their ways around suede.
I love the a-line skirts(which seem to be also trending).

IG: @jtofashion, @modavracha, @simplypalesa
IG: @lapassionvoutee, Balmain, @stylishmanmag, @infashionitrust, @lolaomonaija, @elodiearoura,@kitan_n, @simplypalesa, @allglammedupsyd

• Flatforms;
Flatforms are still upcoming,and I must tell you,this is not for the fainthearted. One must be careful with how you style it because it is quite edgy. However,if styled appropriately,it looks really chic. I soo love the way Temi Otedola and Fisayo Longe styled theirs…(second picture)


IG: @jtofashion, @fisayolonge

• Block heels;
Block heels is one type of heel I real love,perhaps because it brings comfort to fashion.
This trend has been on since last year,and it looks like its not going anywhere this year.
Block heels could be in form pumps,sandal,mules and so on…


IG: @simplypalesa, @stylepantry, @natashandlovu, @allglammedupsyd, via @the_cocopolitan


• Skirts;
Who says you can’t be fashionable in skirts?
I’m spotting several fashionable skirts on women too. It is very important to style skirts according to your shape. I’m currently loving the A-line skirts/skirts and the  skirts with fringes.

IG: @elodiearoura, @milenalesecret, @infashionitrust, @the_cocopolitan, @mocheddah, @t2pitchy, @frucheofficial, @prissysavy, @desireeiyama

•  African prints;
Ranging from Ankara to Kente to Tie&Dye(Adire). This prints are quite versatile, so I’m looking forward to innovative experimentations of these prints.

T.I Nathan, Ade Bakare, Amede and others.


•Retro Sunshades and Clear-lens glasses;
Since the vintage styles are evolving over time in the fashion,the retro sunshades have found their way out. They are casual,versatile,and very useful in protecting your eyes from the sun.
The clear-lens glasses are extremely versatile ,very chic and sassy too sometimes (I don’t know the male version of adjective to qualify them).
This trend is unisex ,as this shades and glasses are rocked by both the male and female gender. I’m so in love with those Clear-lens glasses.



IG: @dapmod, @t2pitchy

—> Menswear

• Plaid|Gingham ;
Just the women,as stated earlier, men are also rocking the plaid and gingham patterns/prints. Don’t just love these looks….
Can you spot that tie…lovely!

IG: @temitayonathan,@akinfamu,@stylishmanmag @denolagrey,@okija,@temitayonathan,@mocineaoki

• Bomber jackets;
I said a thing in the first post about men been into bomber jackets too,yeah this is it!
I so love the suede bomber jacket.

ASOS, IG; @tobilikee,@fio_11_

• Overalls;
From Asos and designers like Givenchy and Alexander Wang,we have overalls. I think I might really like this trend even on women.


• Shorter shorts;
I spotted various shorts on men too. And not this is not  normal short you know,its a shorter one! This spring-summer season is definitely a good time to rock them.
It is also a great choice for the beach too.

IG: @tundeowolabi_studios, @orangecultureng

• White Chinos/Trousers;
Spotted from designers like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein . It looks like would we have more white trousers on men . Whites are very versatile and classy. Very great for the season too.


• More Vintage;
It’s an absolute YES to vintage. Vintage wears,tops,polos,shirts and so on ..
( I wasn’t so chanced to source for pictures on this,but you have an idea of what I’m talking about right?).

• Bold suits;
From the recent AMVCA 2016,I noticed men were going bold with their suits. A trend to watch out for.

Falz, Denola Greg, Bovi and others via

• Suede pieces
Check women’s section of suede pieces.

Trends can never beat you to your style. Trends come and go,your personal style is what endures.
Before you splurge on trends of any sort,it is very important that you build your wardrobe with basics(I’ll be sharing tips on building your wardrobe later on the blog).
You should only indulge into trends if it suits your personality, your lifestyle, pocket and YOU in general . Don’t buy just because it is trending,build your wardrobe with essential basics first!

Thank you for stopping by.
What do you think of these trends…please drop your comments.

Yours sincerely,