Recap; My First Blogger Hang out with Ijenna.

How are you doing?

Just so you know, this post is kind of late.
Just before I left Lagos for school, I got to meet Ijenna, a fashion and DIY blogger I’ve always admired.

After a long time of postponing our hangout finally
We I initially wanted us to meet at ICM in Ikeja but she preferred E-centre at yaba, I later saw reasons with her and yielded. We saw a movie at the ozone cinemas and took pictures.


She took pictures of me and vice versa, then we requested that a random passer-by take pictures of us both.



I literally handled a camera for the first time, and it felt so good.


Talking about her outfit, she looked effortlessly chic and the way she rocked this shirt dress is soo cool.



Ijenna motivated two things in me;
1. Frugality; putting my needs before my wants.
2. Self-Confidence to accept the authenticity of my personal style!

I’m hoping we do some pretty good collaboration real soon , and I’m also hoping to meet some more bloggers when I’m back in Lagos.

Now down to the lessons I’ve learnt in life recently (Life Lessons Lately) I’ll continue with a different post, so check here.

Yours sincerely,

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