Men’s Fashion ; 9 Basic Style Tips For Men

Happy new month!
Hope you are doing great?

My schedule has been hectic but I’m doing well!

So lately I received complains from the guys that I’ve been focusing too much on the feminine section and leaving them out (can’t blame me though, its feminine power lol).

Since Lydia’s Chronicle aims at reaching out to both the females and males, I decided to do a post for the guys today,yay!
There’s a common conception that men’s fashion is quite less complex than the women’s fashion.
This may be true to an extent, however it can be disastrous if done the wrong way.
So here are some basic tips to help you stay stylish:

1. Buy the best quality you can afford;
Go for the best that you can afford. You don’t have to unnecessarily lavish money on items but just make sure you get best quality your pocket can afford.


2. Never buy on impulse;
You should buy fashion items because you need them, not just because a friend has something similar or because it’s trendy. When you buy an item on impulse, after a while it becomes useless to you because in the first instance you never really needed it.
So always give it a second thought before buying anything.

3. Disregard trends, invest in classy timeless pieces
Trends come and go, and as a man you should invest in the classy pieces that won’t fade, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop certain trends if you love them, just make sure you invest in your wardrobe staples first!
By the way we have very interesting style trends coming up in 2016 check here and here.


4. Invest in your shoes;
A man’s shoes or footwear is the one of the first things that is noticed in his outfit. So you should invest in your shoes, buy the best you can afford nothing less.

5. Wear clothes that fit;
Your outfit should fit your body just well, not too big, not too small.


6. Pay attention to accessories and details;
Accessories can either make or mar your outfit. This includes belts, wristwatches, etc. Ensure your accessories are good enough and compliment your outfit, because little details matter.

7. Keep it simple;
Whatever you want to wear,however you want to style it, always remember less is more.


8. Express yourself through style;
Style is a deep expression of who you are without having to speak. Your personality should be reflected in your personal style, and yes let your outfit do most of the talking.


9.Try out new things ;
Be courageous enough to experiment with your personal style. Just like in life, you have to take risks, you either get to win or learn. From there you get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. You can’t sit around and follow norms, life is too short for that, get out of your comfort zone and be creative!


One last thing before I round up guys, if you noticed I said the best you can afford, that is because our fingers aren’t equal and we all have different pockets/budgets, so don’t go overboard with expenses trying to impress. Rather, just get the best you can lay your hands on without having to obstruct your budget for very important things.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and  your thoughts about these tips.
I hope you find them quite helpful.

Yours sincerely,

14 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion ; 9 Basic Style Tips For Men

  1. Segun Johnson

    wow… this is really cool!!! I love the styling mostly with the blazer!!! amma try one out…. within my budget I mean lol!!! nice work @Lydia

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  2. samglints

    In the course of learning, practicals are always allowed.
    Over the years, I have viewed fashion to be a lifestyle just as photography, bcoz it actually reflect on our personality and even attitudes.
    I so much love this write up bcoz so many guys are fashion ignorant and with this I believe such mentality will be enlightened..
    Kudus to u dear.
    @samglints says u awesome.

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    Hi there. This is a great post. I loved it.

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  4. This is very helpful! #5 is a little hard as I’m a shorter guy, and I have some difficulties finding tops that fit, but I think it’s one of the most important things to remember when getting clothes. Great job! If you’re ever looking for a guest poster, send me a message!


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