Back With My Backpack!!

How are you doing?
It’s barely 3 weeks since I took a break from blogging due to my exams and yet, it feels like such a long time.
I’ve missed blogging and more importantly I’ve missed you.
Missed me?

So finally I’m done with my papers, and your girl is now a final year student. Yes! I’m so excited!



So I decided to pair this baseball shirt with an acid wash denim I would not wear on normal day (I never really liked acid wash, until I found out there ways I can style without look too busy).
The white knitted tank was however not my initial pick but turned out handy.


By the way, the Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week 2016 is less than two days away. It’s scheduled to hold at Unilag, check here and here for more details.

Got plans for this summer vacation?

Making new friends as well blog collaborations are definitely on my summer checklist. However, one of my goals this summer is also to spend quality time with my family, old friends and new friends. I rarely spend time with people but this is part of me “stepping out of my comfort zone” and “maximizing my social potentials”. (Yeah yeah!)

What do you think about “stepping out of your comfort zone”?
Would you rather be alone or spend time with your loved ones?

Just wondering, I think it’s best to make our moments memorable ones….


Hat – Street Retail.
Baseball Shirt -Gifted
Knitted Tank – Random store.
Jean – Random store.
Bag – Thrift.
Shoes – Thrift.

With love,

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