Life Update | At The Moment.

Hi hi,

How are you doing?

So I felt I should put up another ” Life Update” post since I’ve not really shared what’s been up with me since I came back from break, plus it was requested. I won’t use too much of your time, so I’ll get started right now, “At the moment” I am….


Wearing; Long sleeves on some days and sleevless on other days because the weather here has been off and on with the Harmattan. No! I’m not a law student. 

Admiring; IAMISIGO ss17 lookbook by Bubu Ogisi, it’s just everything! I recently saw Andrea Iyamah ss17 and I love it too.


Excited; About making new friends (quality over quantity), I’m probably not the overly – friendly kinda person but friendships are necessary for my personal growth right now.

Learning; the art of public speaking, because I’ll definitely need it someday soon.

Determined to; Go the extra mile especially in blogging, as I’ve learnt, it really does make a difference. Also to take certain risks at this stage of my life.

Anticipating; My final year exams, I really can’t wait to be a graduate already.

Inspired by; some old journals I came across.  It helped me look back into why I started this journey. #findyourvoice #walkinpurpose #focus


Needing ; Constant power supply as there’s no light in my school, and I don’t own a gen. I don’t know how I’m going to work that out yet…


Wishing; I could do a mini shopping or so. I’m badly in need of a new wardrobe, or at least a few new fashion pieces.

Lydiaschronicle, thelydiamark

Loving; This denim jacket, I styled it in my previous post, check here

Regretting; Not buying a pair of sunglasses I spotted recently. What can I do, a girl has no money to splurge.

Planning; To do somethings, but I’m not telling just yet.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Reading; “How To Succeed With A Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone (believe me it’s an old treasure). Also started reading my school books, exams are fast approaching.

Craving; Goatmeat peppersoup, yeah and a good drink maybe.

Listening to; Legend by Drake and Say It by Tory Lanez. I’m not so up to date with recent songs. Tell me your current favorite songs in the comment section, I’d love to check them out.

Feeling; Highly favoured and super loved too.

Wondering; Why there’s been no light in my school area for about 2 years and still nothing has been done about it. It’s a such shame!

Hoping ; To submit the chapter one of my project before the new week runs out. Been procrastinating on that.

Creating; Something, it’s all part of the plan.

Appreciating; God’s amazing grace over my life, it’s really what has been keeping me.  Yeah, God’s got me!

Yep!  And that’s all about me At The Moment, I had a great time sharing this and I hope you had a great time reading too.

So what you’ve been up to lately? Do share with me. And if there’s anything you can relate with? Do let me know. All right in the comment box, I’d love to hear from you.

With Love, Lydia


9 thoughts on “Life Update | At The Moment.

  1. All d best with s project nd exams love, can’t wait to hear all about what U’re working on 😉 i can’t really think of songs ryt nao wulda helped. CChasing the sky by empire cast z a seller, u cud try listening to it nd simi smile for me 😀

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