Hair | Faux Locs; What You Need To Know

Hey guys!

Today I would be talking about faux locs, often times faux locs is a go-to hairdo for me. Most times people ask me why I like this type of hair (faux locs), I tell you why at the end of the post.

There are different types of faux locs; it all depends on what you use or want to use to wrap your hair.

1. Yarn Faux Locs

IG – @shopedelano

This type of locs are usually done with yarn(wool). This is probably the most common one because yarn is very available in most markets and also very affordable. Often times, people also use yarn because it has a wide range of colors that can’t be achieved with other hair.
Ps: If you are looking forward to effectively stretching your natural hair, you might want to go for this.

2. Brazillian Wool Faux Locs

IG – @p_s_hairstylist

This is also similar to the yarn faux locs, only that this has a smooth and shining finish. Most times, it lasts longer than the yarn locs but has the same stretch out effect.

3. Kanekalon Hair Faux Locs
This type of faux locs is done with Kanekalon hair that is been used for braiding, by that I mean the likes of expression, darling, superstar e.t.c. I think it has an option of different colours,  but I can’t really say much about the stretch out effect since I haven’t really tried it out before.

4. Kinky/Marley Faux Locs

IG – @fauxlocsandbeautiful, @thelydiamark

This type of locs are done with marley hair ( or kinky hair like I recently improvised). This locs doesn’t give the smooth shining look like that of brazillian wool or Kanekalon, it is ideal for those who want to achieve the real dreadlock look. Although compared to the others,  you might spend more to achieve this look but it is worth it. The good thing about this particular type is that the older it gets, the more beautiful it looks.

Faux locs; blue lippieFor those who have been asking, this is what I currently have on my hair, I used kinky hair, normally marley hair is to be used for this hairstyle but I had to improvise with kinky hair but if you find marley hair then go for it.

I used a product from  X-pression Crotchet Collection (I can’t remember the exact name )for this, I used two and half packs excluding the hair used for pre-braiding. I’ve also used Supreme Kinky and Noble Gold Afro Kinky (not kinky bulk) and they ended up well.

This is actually the second time I’m making this hairstyle consecutively, but I don’t feel like taking it out just yet.

Update: My faux locs is over a month now, and I still plan on carrying it for a while. 

• Wash/Clarify your hair to remove any build up product or dirt, I’m pretty sure you want your new hair on a clean scalp.
• Deeply condition your hair in preparation for what is coming; faux locs are likely going to put a little tension on your for the first few days, so you need to prepare your hair by nourishing and strengthening it.

How It Is Done & Maintenance;
It is done in a method similar to African threading, only that, instead of thread, your hair would be wrapped with any of the preferred hair mentioned above.
Faux locs is low maintenance and that means it requires little to no stress.

• However, you need to take good care of your scalp and your edges by regularly hydrating and moisturising it.
• Asides from the marley/kinky faux locs that might need some oil to keep the sheen, other faux locs don’t really need any special care.
• Ditch your hair net for a bonnet or satin/silk scarf to avoid dull-dry looking hair.
Ps: I don’t have both so, most times I use a chiffon scarf in place of a silk scarf.

Faux locs; blue lippie; blue lipstick

• It is preferable to braid or twist your hair before wrapping it with your preferred choice of hair, in order to avoid tangles or locking your natural (I didn’t know this until recently).
• Nigerian hairsylists are fond of picking almost every hair on your head so you have to specifically tell them not to touch your edges so you don’t loose them.
• There is also an option of crotchet faux locs if you don’t want to go through the hassle of wrapping your hair, but I personally prefer this method.


Faux locs; blue lippie; kinky hair; blue lipstick

Now back to why I love faux locs;
1. I don’t have to go through the hassle of brushing or combing my hair when I’m almost late for class.
2. I can carry it for a long time which means I don’t have to worry about to do with my hair for a while.
3. It stretches out my natural hair.
4. It looks like dreadlocks look without having to be permanent.
5. I love faux locs.
6. Please refer to number 1 & 2
7. Please refer to number 3

That’s all for today!

It’s a long read but I really hope you found this post useful.

Hey, don’t go without sharing your thoughts on faux locs, do you think it’s worth the whole hassle?
And you’ve done faux locs before, you could share your experience in the comment section too.


With Love, Lydia.

27 thoughts on “Hair | Faux Locs; What You Need To Know

  1. Hey Lydia thanks for sharing. I tried Faux locs with Brazillian wool once and I loved it though they didn’t stay on for so long :(. I’m planning to do them again and this time I’m totally telling the hairstylist to twist my hair first perhaps that would make it last longer. Also hoping to try it with Kinky hair. Nice one *thumbsup*


    1. I can totally relate,I’ve had that experience myself, although I’ve been able to restore my edges.
      Some hairstylists are very good with picking every strand of hair on one’s head,that’s why I always make sure I tell my hairstylist to leave my edges alone. Crotchet is a good option too.


  2. Go faux locs 💁i love d hairstyle, infact dat shud be my next hairdo sef 😀 nd it gets better with tym, very comfortable nd wayyyy stylish. I wish i cud rock coloured locs but…maybe I’d just stick to brown. Yoy look great nd dat lipcolour be popping 👌


  3. Prisicilia

    Yes to faux locs for me too, I’ve tried the yarn locs with brown yarn and I’m looking forward to try the one with kinky. Your blue lippie is so bomb!


  4. Thankyou for this post .I have been thinking of getting faux locs lately and down know much about them .
    I’m going to do my own faux locs ,I don’t trustsalon that much win my hair so this is helpful .


  5. mzvera

    it’s my first time on here.
    I love your tips and your blog!
    Its quite diff from the entertainment blogs and very helpful.


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