Wardrobe Hack | How To Wear 1 Shoe in 3 Different Ways.

Hey guys,

Today I would be sharing one of my wardrobe secrets with you, it’s actually a shoe hack. But before then, I dropped two posts today,  so you probably check out the my first post on ‘Maxi skirt’ here .

It is an obvious fact that footwears or should I say shoes, are very vital part of every woman wardrobe, although I only have a few pairs, I try to make do with what I have.

Yes, heels are lovely but most times I feel reluctant to buy heels, maybe because most times my daily activities and movement is on public transport (I’d probably have to jump bikes or take a bus) and I like to be comfortable well as realistic. So even if I’m to add more foot wears to wardrobe right now, it would probably be more flats and sandals for sake of comfort.

However, I have people who think I own more shoes than I do. Actually, my little secret is in how I wear my the few pairs that I own.


For instance, I’ve worn this particular pair of black sandal several times in different ways, and most people didn’t notice and to some, they probably think they are different pairs of shoes. This is how the shoe originally looks like, you can click here and here to see the full look of this outfits.

You can add a few details to your shoes to spice them up and make them look different.

1 – Lace cord straps


Here I switched the regular shoe straps to lace cords and tied it to the side, it’s the same lace cords I used for my DIY Neckpieces in this post. Click here to see full post on how I wore this shoe with lace cords.
2 – Tassels

Over here I used tassels; you can either make your tassels or preferably buy them in the market to make it easier. I had to make mine because I couldn’t get the already made ones around school. Click here to see full post how I wore this shoe with tassels.
3 – Tennis Lacings

Over here I used a pair of tennis lacings instead of the normal initial lace cords because it is quite longer, so it gave me the lace-up I wanted. Click here to see the full post on how I wore this shoe with tennis lacings.

And, yeah it’s a wrap!

That’s how I was able to wear one shoe in three and even more different ways, I think you should also give it a try.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it very useful.


What do you think of how I rocked these shoes? And which of these looks do you love the most?

By the way you can always reach out to me if you are having troubles with what to wear to an event or on a regular basis or if you need help with any wardrobe related issues. Also if you ever feel like you have a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear too, I can help put you through on how to maximise your wardrobe.
You can reach out to me on Instagram- @thelydiamark, I’m also on Twitter -@thelydiamark.
Or you can just shoot me an email – thelydia360@gmail.com

With Love, Lydia.

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19 thoughts on “Wardrobe Hack | How To Wear 1 Shoe in 3 Different Ways.

  1. Semilore

    I so love this, I’ll definitely try it out. You went creative with this dear, the tassel is my favourite followed by the one with tennis lacings.


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