Dear Reader | A Letter From The Editor + Giveaway

Dear reader,
How have you been?
This is my very first post in the year 2018, so I guess it’s safe to say Happy New Year to you.
I copped the word editor from Ifeoma and Desiree Iyama, my reason for using the word editor is totally different (I’ll keep this to myself for now).

I am starting this year with a really grateful heart, first I’m thankful to God for his grace and mercy over me, I am also thankful for my familly and loved ones, friends and readers.

To my readers, thank you for the love and support through last year despite the fact that I was inconsistent due to my all of the things that went down during my final year, you guys were always checking up on the blog, and I am grateful for that.

Although you would be seeing a slightly different kind of content this year along a new posting schedule because I’m trying out somethings to see if they would work for me, I hope you would like it.
And I would love if you could engage more with my content, when I say engage I mean share your thoughts in comment section, share blog posts on your social media platforms, or even refer a friend,
ps: It would only take less than two minutes to do this.

To all of my old & new subscribers, thank you for joining in, can’t wait to let out what I’ve planned for you this year.
If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s not too late to join the squad you can do that by scrolling down and subscribing by entering your email and clicking the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button below. You can do that right now so you don’t miss out on all of the good stuff, and don’t worry I won’t bombard your inbox with unnecessary emails.
ps: Subscription is at no extra cost, it’s free!

To my fellow bloggers I’d like to say thank you so much for your support and encouragement.  I’m looking forward to meeting some of you this year and maybe collaborations too.
ps: If you are down for this please feel free to reach out to me.

To buttress this, I’ve decided to do a give away as a token, and to be honest this giveaway is long due.
So a few days back I put out a poll on my instagram story asking you to choose what you need most between a journal and a pair of glasses, 80% of people voted for a journal. I think a journal is a wise choice considering the fact that we are in a new year, you need a journal to jot down your old & new ideas, resolutions or even goals and as well track them.

See also: Busy vs Productive (2) | 10 Simple Steps To Becoming More Productive.

It’s a plus when your journal looks this fancy.

So here we have it, enter this giveaway by following these three(3) simple steps.

  1. Subscribe to the blog if you are yet to do so (trust me you don’t want to miss out on the good stuffs coming and I’m not just talking blog posts right now).
  2. Follow @lydiaschronicle on Instagram.
  3. Tell me what you love about this blog and what you think could be better.

You must be a resident of Lagos or at least have a Lagos delivery address to enter this giveaway.

Please include your email address and IG handle in the comment.

Deadline for entries is 21st of January and winner will be announced on 22nd of January.


With Love, Lydia

8 thoughts on “Dear Reader | A Letter From The Editor + Giveaway

  1. Happy New year dear. Been keeping up with your blog since day one and one thing I really love is how far you come and everytime I read each article I can tell how much you have grown and I admire that. I enjoy reading your skincare (my skincare routine is non-existent and I am always learning something new) and lifestyle post ( I think you are a good storyteller and I enjoy the way you write)
    IG- @_ilamosi_


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  3. Negress

    Anyone who has been following from day one would acknowledge how far you’ve grown and it’s amazing so thumbs up baby girl. Anyways I would love to see more of DIY projects. Thanks


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