5 Fashion Illustrators That Will Inspire You

There are people who have a great sense of style, express it physically through what they were. And there people who have a great sense of style, and express it through illustrations, this is the category where fashion illustrators fall in. Fashion illustration is not an easy thing, I know this because I’ve attempted it and I feel like fashion illustrators are not appreciated enough especially here in Nigeria.

As a fashion enthusiast you can get inspiration from fashion illustrations, whether you are a stylist, designer, fashion blogger or even just a fashion lover. And I’ve put together a list of 5 fashion Illustrators you can start getting inspirations from right now.

1 – Penie (@peniel_enchill)


Penie is a Ghana based fashion and lifestyle illustrator, her illustrations are very statement stylish, well detailed, and very easy to relate with.


I particularly love the versatility in her illustrations and designs.


2 – Chantelle Shamokin (@chantelle_shamoon)


Chantelle is an Australian self taught fashion illustrator, her illustrations are the definition of elegance and gorgeousness.


Her illustrations pretty good and neat for a seventeen year old, you heard that right!

3 – Holly Nichols (@hnicholsillustrations)


Holly is a Boston based fashion illustrator, his/her beautiful illustrations are girly and down to earth with flirty undertones.

4 – Hayden Williams (@hayden_williams)



Hayden is a British fashion illustrator and designer, his illustrations are mostly statement pieces with edgy undertones.

4 – Kait G Illustrations (@kaitgillustrations)



Kait is also a Boston based fashion illustrator, I find her illustrations minimal, classy and very well detailed.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

Do you also have a thing for illustrations? If yes, who are you favorite illustrators? (Let me know in the comment section)


By the way,  if you are a lover of drawings or illustrations, you might want take this opportunity to win yourself an illustrated cover journal like the one above. Check my previous post here on how go about it.


With Love, Lydia


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