Lydia ‘At The Moment’

Hey dear, Good to have you here, hope your week is going well? I have been up to a lot of things lately so I thought of sharing with you. Lydia At The Moment is very well influenced by the ‘Currently I Am’ tag I’ve been seeing lately done by bloggers, only that I included some things and excluded other things to my discretion.

So let’s get on with it, ‘At The Moment’ I am…..


What I want, how I want it. I’ve earnt to embrace my personal style, although my current wardrobe doesn’t fully portray my personal style, I’m determined to make the best out of it.


Admiring; Everyone who is determined to effect a positive change in the society.

Excited to; Resume a movement I started about a year ago. I’ve been MIA for about 6-8 months, since I resumed school this year. You are wondering what it is? You’ll know soon.

Learning; How to interact better and communicate effectively with people.

Determined to; Be consistent with my blog posts, most of previous posts are ‘long-due’ and I don’t want that anymore, so help me God.

Inspired by; Ifeoma Amadi (@thesvnflwr)
Not only I’m I being inspired by her gram feed, her consistency in blogging is goals!


Needing ; A camera, I’m currently finding ways to creatively use my phone for my pictures, because If I continue with photographers, I’ll end up paying up all the money that should be saved for a camera.

Wishing; I lived on the mainland, staying in Ikorodu is putting a limit to a lot of things I can achieve. I’m currently thinking of how I can stay and shuffle between mainland and Ikorodu.

Loving; My faux locs. It was inspired by @shopedelano and @bubuogisi although her locs are grey.


I added a few strands of platinum-blonde because I wanted something that is not typically me (out of my comfort zone).


Regretting; Not taking certain actions early enough.

Planning to; Make the most out of the rest of this year. It’s running so fast!

Reading; Eat The Frog by Brain Tracy,I hope it would help me stop procrastinating.

Listening to; Joel Osteen’s Podcasts, they are very inspiring and motivational. You can download them, if you’d listen to them(and you should).


Feeling; Elated and Grateful. I’m trying to see the good in every situation I find myself. So despite this current state of things, I’m grateful!

Wondering; Why a Nigerian senator should be pocketing N29,479,749.00 ($148,139.57) every month, when an average citizen in Nigeria living on $2 a day equating $60 a month. That’s sheer wickedness!

Hoping ; Things will go back to normal become better in Nigeria. The play of politics and current state of the Nigerian economy really saddens my heart.

Creating; Platforms/opportunities for student entrepreneurs and Nigerian brands. There’s also something for the bloggers but I can’t go into details right now, you can follow me on Instagram- @thelydiamark to stay updated.

Appreciating; My little sister, she’s been a darling so far. Also appreciating everyone who takes their time to visit my blog, read, share, and drop comments. Words cannot appreciate you enough. You are the real MVP!

That’s it about me At The Moment, I actually had a great time sharing this and I really hope you enjoyed it.

So what you’ve been up to lately? Do share with me. Anything you can relate with? Do let me know.
I’d be glad to love to hear from you.

Until my next post guys, stay blessed!

With Love, Lydia.

12 thoughts on “Lydia ‘At The Moment’

  1. 1) i usually don’t know how to relate with a pple, I’m also just learning but it’s just sad dat pple take it for pride 2) thesvflw inspires me a lot too 3) mehn, i know ur struggle shuffling btw ikorodu nd mainland, i don’t know ikorodu, I’m new to lagos but i reside around ibejulekki, eputu to be precise, so far to d mainland, one can’t even binu j’ade lol, i plan on getting an accommodation on d mainland as soon as i can afford it 4) i hope and wonder d same things too, lyk why are they earning dat much? Nigeria gon be great one day i know it 5) i appreciate ur blog, love ur content
    kip it up gurl


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