DIY | How To Make Several Neckpieces With Lace Cords.

Hi, how’s your weekend going?

Over the weeks I’ve discovered a real simple hack or DIY neckpiece(s) that I really love. I’ve been rocking them lately, and getting compliments as well.  I don’t really know if I should call it a DIY or a FASHION HACK since I didn’t really cut or sew or do anything of such.


The amazing thing about this DIY NECKPIECE is that you basically need just two items to make it, and it can serve as 4-5 neckpieces for you.

Now down to what you need…

Here’s What You Need;


  1. Lace cords (Tennis lacings)

  2. Pendants

3. Fancy buttons

Neckpiece 1: Long Neck-piece


You don’t need to do anything special here, just put your pendant on the tennis  lace cord and tie the ends.


Neckpiece 2: Perfect Fit Neckpiece


Over here it’s almost with the first but in this case, rather than tie it at the end, you tie it at the middle and make a bow with the remaining part of the lace cord (or you can as well leave it like that like I do sometimes).


Neckpiece 3: Tie-Front Choker


I think this is my favorite piece. Its super easy,  just tie the cord on your neck once (its not likely going to go around twice) and make a bow at the front.

Processed with VSCO

Neckpiece 4: Button Choker

Here, you’d use a button in place of a pendant and tie it on your neck as a choker. Like in “Neckpiece 2” you can either leave the remaining cord like that or you tie a bow at the back.


I hope you enjoyed the post, and now you know several ways to use your tennis lace cords as a neck piece.

Whay do you think of this DIY/Hack? And Which neckpiece is your favorite?

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20 thoughts on “DIY | How To Make Several Neckpieces With Lace Cords.

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  2. Precydread

    Your friend negresse told me about your blog and I must say am not dissapointed at all.So creative and would definately try it!!


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